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PT Red Planet Indonesia Tbk (PSKT:IJ) is part of the regional Red Planet Hotels group, Asia's largest and fastest-growing hotel company focused on the budget hotel sector. Formerly trading as PT Pusako Tarinka Tbk, the company changed its name to PT Red Planet Indonesia and launched on 22 May 2014. It has positioned itself as a growing and scalable investment platform trading in Indonesia's rapidly expanding budget hotel sector.

Founded in 2010, Red Planet focuses on what is important to customers: location, value, and cleanliness. All Red Planet hotels are:

  • Located in the city centre, close to public transport
  • Priced at competitive rates with free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Well maintained and spotlessly clean

Half of the Red Planet brand experience is designed around the hotel's leading-edge and customer-focused technology platform. The hotel chain's heavily used mobile app and In-Stay Mode make booking rooms and communicating with hotel staff easy.

When our guests leave our hotels, our aim is to have made them feel as if they had made a smart decision by staying with us. We are all about ensuring value for our customers.